ID Requirements

Test Sponsors set ID requirements, not center personnel. IDs must be original, non-expired, legible, and issued by Federal, State, or Local Government. It must also include, photo, signature, address and DOB. 


Photocopies, Pictures of ID on phone, and or faxed copies are not acceptable!


Primary ID

US State Driver’s License                                 

 US State Learner’s Permit

Passport Or Passport Card 

Permanent Resident Card

Secondary ID

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card 

Debit or Credit Card

Any Primary ID Listed

GED Exam Candidates must provide a MD Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, or MD State ID card. A Military Spouse or Dependent card is valid only if sponsor is on Active Duty.

Any alternate ID must be approved prior to coming for the exam, by either GED Testing Service or DLLR.

ID must be able to show photo, signature, DOB, and proof of Maryland residency.

If you need a Identification waiver form, Please click here.